The Fresh Chef, Culinary Services is a personal chef business in South Shore and surrounding Boston areas. Cooking with fresh quality ingredients and working with each client to meet their needs. 

Chef Mykayla Vieira brings variety, flavor and cuizines you would never think of having in your home! 

Service Options include a regular weekly in home cook time, Bi-weekly, Meal Prep, Small Dinner parties, Cooking Classes and Helping with dietary needs. 

Personal Chef Services 

With life's busier schedules and not a enough time in a day. The Fresh Chef is here to help better your lifestyle and save you time, so you can enjoy every minute life offers! From requests with extreme dietary needs to more family time. 

Dinner Parties 

Want to have a cocktail party to impress your friends? Hire a Personal chef so you can enjoy the time too...or have a cooking class for your next birthday! Never Fear let The Fresh Chef cater to you!